If the outrageous children rampant on our streets are not enough to drive you crazy well then I don’t know what is. But, honestly, at this point do I even care? I decided it is top if I take this sickness and these limited drugs to elaborate on that. My wallet at this up-to-date instant is pondering pretty light. This past year has been a lot of bullshit. I am venting now. Perhaps this is a deprived reflection of my character. In my opinion, personally, it has sucked to the eighth power. If I bore you at any point in this paragraph feel free to skedaddle and continue on. Let me explain blithely, I have ran into a mass of characters this year and as a result my opinions on people have moved a bit. Some past incidents refuse to stay where I left them…which is in the past, of course. Right at this exact moment in time, I am bed ridden-sick with a harsh cold. Nonetheless, I appreciate you for reading this detached insert.


I Am Not Talented Enough To Remember When Our Relationship Started So Do Not Ask Me.

The high in spite of fading is still present. We had copious amounts of gas, love, and friends sustaining us for the winter. It is vividly splattered in my mind alongside with lying in your bed watching movies. Four years ago we were stupid teenagers with a lot of angst and cigarettes. The first encounter was in the back of my car… not exactly how you may imagine though. In fact I was in the front seat driving to Tyler’s place and listening to your complaining. We also were not dating at this moment, we were friends mutually. I typically hoarded a few packs of twenty-sevens in the center console, collectively. My plans for evading all drawbacks were there as well. Driving you around town is a simple pleasure I let pass me by. Your first impression unquestionably was an enduring one.

Filthy Glasses

Geoff possessed a couple grams of white girl. Snorting lines of this powdery substance can be, intrinsically, very messy when you’re dealing with copious amounts. This is cocaine in case you do not recognize the lingo. I won’t say much, but I will say it was a good time to be eighteen and stupid. There were five of us; we were young adolescent kids who didn’t give a damn. I, in detail, remember carrying a napkin to remove any evidence that would hang on under my nostrils. I had the twenty dollar bills and weed, which was my preference. I don’t think grandmother would approve, and I’ll leave it at that.