If the outrageous children rampant on our streets are not enough to drive you crazy well then I don’t know what is. But, honestly, at this point do I even care? I decided it is top if I take this sickness and these limited drugs to elaborate on that. My wallet at this up-to-date instant is pondering pretty light. This past year has been a lot of bullshit. I am venting now. Perhaps this is a deprived reflection of my character. In my opinion, personally, it has sucked to the eighth power. If I bore you at any point in this paragraph feel free to skedaddle and continue on. Let me explain blithely, I have ran into a mass of characters this year and as a result my opinions on people have moved a bit. Some past incidents refuse to stay where I left them…which is in the past, of course. Right at this exact moment in time, I am bed ridden-sick with a harsh cold. Nonetheless, I appreciate you for reading this detached insert.